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5 Ways To Tell Your Partner You Cheated

tell them the truth

Tell them you cheated as soon as possible

The longer you wait to tell your partner that you cheated, the less chances you’ll have at getting them to take you back. When you tell your partner that you cheated on them, the first thing they’re going to want to know is when and then with you. If you end up telling them that you cheated two weeks ago, they will be angry because they spent two weeks thinking that everything was fine when it wasn’t. Worse than that, if you’ve had sex with them since you cheated, they will be absolutely furious with you. Telling your partner that you cheated is terrifying, but it is the right thing to do. So don’t let too many days go by before you tell them the truth.

Cheating confessions: How to come clean

Coming clean about cheating will probably be the scariest thing you’ll ever do, especially if you don’t want to break up with your partner. Cheating confessions are never easy and probably won’t go as smoothly as you planned, but you’ll be surprised at how good you feel once you just say it. If your partner has no idea what you’re about to tell them, you need to be ready for them to shed some tears, scream, and maybe even want nothing to do with you anymore.

Choose an appropriate place to break the news

Choosing an appropriate place to break the news is absolutely crucial when admitting to having been unfaithful. Telling someone that you cheated on them in a coffee shop is a huge no, so if you’re not sure where to tell them, just make sure it’s nowhere public. The best place to tell someone you cheated on them is in their own bedroom. This way, they can act freely, cry, scream, and cocoon under covers after hearing the bad news.

You made a mistake — Fix it

You made a mistake, and now you want to fix it. Although you might be feeling awful about it, don’t beat yourself up too hard, at least you’re doing the right thing about it now. Everyone makes mistakes at some point. Yes cheating is a big mistake, but at least you didn’t kill anyone by accident. Since the best mistakes are the ones that you can fix, at least you know that there is a small chance that your partner is willing to forgive you. If the person you cheated with is someone she knows in New Plymouth, know that her chances of forgiving you will be fewer.

Make it clear that your main priority is making your relationship work

When you break the bad news to your lover, let the shock settle in before you start blurting out everything you need to say. Also, respect their wishes. If they ask you to leave, be prepared to leave without having spoken about what is going to happen between the two of you. If your partner wants to talk things through right away, that’s amazing, but if they need time to sort out their feelings, that’s okay too. If they allow you to stay, make it clear that your main priority is to salvage your relationship after the affair. Need tips on how to make a relationship work after an affair? We have a guide for that!