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Serial Cheaters Confessions: The 5 Things They Wish Their Exe’s Knew

confessions cheatingFor some people, being a serial cheater is a full-on problem, and I mean this in the most sincere way. Sure, there are serial cheaters who are pure slimeballs, but there are others who legitimately have a problem with sleeping around. If you’re dating someone who has openly admitted to being a serial cheater, you need to know that you’re dating someone who might be a nymphomaniac. If you’re dating a serial cheater and want to know more about them, you can try reading some more serial cheater confessions.

Fessing up to cheating isn’t easy when you love someone

If your lover is fessing up to cheating, you need to know it’s because they love you. Some cheaters do not give a crap about their partner’s feelings and couldn’t care less about giving them a sexually transmitted disease from sleeping around with other people. If your partner is fessing up to cheating it is because they feel guilty and do not want to be with you unless you know what had happened. As a serial cheater, I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to hurt the ones you love, time and time again. But for some reason, cheating is the only thing that comes easy to cheaters, and being faithful is something that seems impossible. If you’re trying to move on after an affair, read our guide on the subject.

Cheating confessions: It wasn’t your fault

Cheating confessions are always hard to make, but I guess what I would want my ex-lovers to know is that it wasn’t their fault. In many of my relationships, I have end up hurting my lover’s self-esteem because they thought that I was cheating on them because they weren’t enough for me but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Confessions of a cheater: I regret doing it

I think a confession that every cheater has to make is that they regret cheating on their lovers everyday of their lives. When you are a serial cheater being faithful just doesn’t work, but instead of simply being in an open relationship, we tend to gravitate towards serious relationships. Being a serial cheater is no excuse for cheating, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t feel remorse for what we’ve done.

Serial cheating — It’s an addiction

Serial cheating is an addiction, trust me. If I could stop myself from cheating on the ones I love, I would do it in a heartbeat, but that never seems to work out. I’ve tried to be faithful so many times before but sooner or later I end up cheating on my partners. Being in a monogamous relationship and not cheating on my partner has always been a dream of mine, and so whenever I meet someone amazing and start dating them, I am always sure that this time I won’t cheat. But after a couple months of being faithful, I start to feel myself leaning towards cheating, and I just don’t know why. All I know is that at this point, cheating is my addiction.

I didn’t cheat to hurt you

Whenever I end up cheating on my partner, I always feel horrible because I see how much I hurt them. Truth is, I never wanted to hurt them at all but it is always the end result.