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Fake Women Online Profiles

fakewomenFake Women Profiles

Fake Women Profiles

Online dating is a fantastic way to find a sexual partner, but it is also an easy way to get scammed out of your money. Because of the popularity adult dating sites have been receiving over the last 5 years, many scammers have made the decision to try and cash in on the business. These scammers invent entire websites dedicated to getting you laid and finding you some local hookups, but they are actually just lying to you. Once you make your profile and start to look through people’s pictures, you will begin to notice that some are repetitive and that the profiles are all written by the same person or copy pasted. If you receive a bunch of messages on your first day (especially if you’re a man) then you are probably being contacted by people who look nothing like their pictures and want your money. Or, you could be contacted by someone who is looking to chat, but really isn’t who they say they are.

When It’s Too Good To Be True, It Is

If you join an online dating website and you start to receive messages from the most gorgeous women you have ever seen, you are probably about to get scammed. These women are usually not really women, and are trying to lure you in so that they can ask for your credit card number. A good thing to remind yourself when you begin talking to a hot girl, is that when it’s too good to be true, it usually is. There are many fake women out there who want to chat with men and women just to make themselves feel better. These people will usually string you along for months, and then simply disappear.

Meeting Up In Person

So, you joined an online dating website and you’ve been chatting with this really hot guy or girl for a of couple days. Since they live close to you, you decide to ask them out on a date, and they say yes. You can’t wait to meet up with them in person and start looking forward to it. When the day comes, you get dressed and are ready to go meet your sexy date, when you receive a text message from them. The text says that they are sorry, but they have a family emergency and cannot make it to the date. You’re a little bummed but you decide to reschedule. The person you are talking to ends up telling you that their next available date is a couple weeks away, because they have to take care of their family member. You agree to wait, and end up chatting with them everyday for two weeks. They send you dirty pictures of themselves and you send some back. When it’s time for your date, you are really excited and feel like you already know this person inside and out. But then, you receive another message from them with an excuse. If this has happened to you, then I’m sorry to tell you that you were probably sending dirty pictures and texting someone completely different than you believed. Someone who never intended on meeting up with you in person.

Inconsistent Dating Pictures

An easy way to spot a catfish is by taking a closer look at their pictures. Catfish usually steal the pictures of unsuspecting people, and use them to send it to people they want to talk to. By sending out pictures, they get to receive some from you, and who knows what they do with those. If the person you are chatting with is inconsistent with their dating pictures and refuses to facetime you or meet you in person you are most likely talking to a catfish. To look for inconsistent dating pictures, try to notice hair length and color, weight, tattoos and beauty marks.

Trusting Your Gut

The best way to avoid wasting time on a catfish is to always trust your gut. By trusting your gut you are eliminating the chance of getting frauded, fooled and taken advantage of. Catfish are trained in the art of diversion, so if someone you are talking to never really gives you full answers and is always making excuses, just trust you gut and stop answering them. The whole point of an online dating website is to meet local singles face to face and to have sex. So if someone isn’t doing that then there is something wrong with them. The sooner you learn to spot out scammers, the faster you will be able to move on the bigger and better things. Don’t waste your time talking to someone who is deceiving you, get smart and trust you gut.